The Healing Pathway Practitioner Training Curriculum

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a 13-15 hour workshop. It introduces the basic concepts of healing within the Christian tradition, with an emphasis on learning to be a healing presence and instrument of God’s healing power. Participants learn and practise specific healing sequences, elements of self-care, and how to centre themselves through prayer and meditation. They also discuss the application of a healing ministry within a congregation or faith community.   Phase 1 is a prerequisite to either of the Phase 2 workshops.

Phase 2

This phase consists of two separate workshops, each 13-15 hours in length. Both Phase 2 workshops are prerequisites to Phase Three. They can be taken in either order.

Healing from the Heart is an opportunity to deepen the experience of healing and connecting to God’s healing power through the heart centre. The focus is on increasing the practitioner’s self-awareness through the exploration of spiritual practices and self-care. New healing sequences and assessment procedures are introduced and practised. The effective use of dialogue to deepen the process is also covered.

Where Two or More Gather includes surface anatomy of the neck and back and specific healing sequences for these areas, the experience of group healing, and support for the practitioner’s growth toward wholeness. Emphasis is on development of self as a Healing Pathway practitioner.

Phase 3

Communion of Saints is a 30-35 hour workshop that includes advanced healing skills and further development of the practitioner. It is held in a retreat setting where there is time and opportunity for participants to deepen and open to their personal process and healing away from other commitments. The emphasis is on grounding through our physical bodies, while connecting and aligning with the divine source of healing and offering love and compassion to others. Phase 3 is a prerequisite to Phase 4.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is a year-long Practicum with a mentor who is a graduate of, and an experienced practitioner with, the Healing Pathway program. It includes Practicum A and B.

Practicum A includes 35-40 hours in a retreat setting. All aspects of the program are reviewed and participants are given assignments to complete over the following year. Part of program completion criteria is spending an intensive time working with a group of practitioners and a mentor, offering sessions and reflecting on the work.

Practicum B includes 35-40 hours in a retreat setting. This is when participants share their practicum experiences, present their assignments, and celebrate their completion of the Healing Pathway program.