August 21st … Hospital Recovery Room…

Elective hip surgery under local anesthetic began at 6am that morning and ended approximately two hours later… By late afternoon my family still hadn’t seen me.  It turned out that was because my blood pressure was very high.

Also in the late afternoon two Healing Pathway practitioners arrived and told the nurse that they were going to give me a requested “therapeutic healing touch treatment.”  The nurse decreed that they could have 5 minutes … about an hour later, just as they left, the nurse took my vital signs and announced that my blood pressure had dropped 20 points and my family was now able to visit me.

A few days later I received an additional Healing Pathway treatment in the hospital.   Afterwards I felt an incredible feeling of peace and well-being.

Bertie, Ontario, 2015

A Healing Pathways treatment stills my body and mind and gives me a deep sense of peace and tranquility. I feel a profound connection with the practitioners that renews my sense of gratitude and of the holy.

Pat (Cancer Patient), Ontario, 2013

Over recent months I had total hip replacement and a total knee replacement.    I received Healing Pathway the day before and the day of my surgery.  I required very little medication post operatively. Also the nurses, physiotherapists and doctor could not believe the rate at which I was able to recover.    With both surgeries I was discharged within less than 24 hours. They all said that I looked like I was a day 3 patient instead of day 1. They had no explanation but I told them it was The Healing Pathway. I am extremely grateful for the Healing Pathway.


As a Healing Pathway recipient, I was held in God’s loving embrace through the anxiety of two catastrophic surgeries and my continuous healing journey. I believe that this prayerful, centering practice helped me to survive.