The Healing Pathway

The Healing Pathway enables people to develop the gifts and skills of healing within the Christian tradition, and fosters the development of healing ministries in congregations and other communities.

The Healing Pathway practitioner serves as a vessel or conduit of God’s grace and healing energy. Practitioners are not the source of the healing energy; they are merely the instrument. The aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within the energy system and thus enable the self-healing of the individual. ( Learn more in the “Introduction to The Healing Pathway” video.)

The foundation of the program lies in the long tradition of healing within the Christian faith. Healing is not just something Jesus and the early Christians did, it is an expression of the deeper realities of faith, compassion, forgiveness and caring for one another. The intention to be fully present with another in God’s unconditional love creates the opportunity for healing. For early Christians, healing was part of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, and the Healing Pathway is built on those ancient roots.

Started by Rochelle Graham, a Healing Touch practitioner, the Healing Pathway program was centred at the United Church of Canada’s Naramata Centre in BC from 1993 until 2015, when it became an incorporated society. In that time, training for practitioners has expanded across Canada. Today over 100 congregations, have Healing Pathway ministries. The healing ministry finds its home mostly within, but is not limited to, United Church congregations.

Healing Pathway is a transformative healing experience

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A major component of The Healing Pathway practice is the Code of Ethics.  All our practitioners are trained in the Code of Ethics.    All relationships between practitioners and those who come to receive Healing Pathway are based on the boundaries and practices laid out in the Code.   This creates a safe environment for everyone involved.

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Our practitioners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and their initial training is carried out in 14 hour workshops (you can access The Healing Pathway training curriculum on this website).    However, much of the learning for practitioners comes through the frequent practice of being a caring, healing presence in a practice group, most often hosted at some local church.

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The majority of our Healing Pathway groups are located at  Churches (United and Anglican), however, they are accessible to anyone regardless of their religious connection.   Our practitioners are expected to use language about the sacred that the receiver is comfortable with.   We have no desire to promote our own branch of religion and we believe that the gift of healing ministry is for all people.   See if there is a Healing Pathway group near you.

Pat (Cancer Patient), Ontario, 2013

A Healing Pathways treatment stills my body and mind and gives me a deep sense of peace and tranquility. I feel a profound connection with the practitioners that renews my sense of gratitude and of the holy.

Bertie, Ontario, 2015

August 21st … Hospital Recovery Room…

Elective hip surgery under local anesthetic began at 6am that morning and ended approximately two hours later… By late afternoon my family still hadn’t seen me.  It turned out that was because my blood pressure was very high.

Also in the late afternoon two Healing Pathway practitioners arrived and told the nurse that they were going to give me a requested “therapeutic healing touch treatment.”  The nurse decreed that they could have 5 minutes … about an hour later, just as they left, the nurse took my vital signs and announced that my blood pressure had dropped 20 points and my family was now able to visit me.

A few days later I received an additional Healing Pathway treatment in the hospital.   Afterwards I felt an incredible feeling of peace and well-being.


As a Healing Pathway recipient, I was held in God’s loving embrace through the anxiety of two catastrophic surgeries and my continuous healing journey. I believe that this prayerful, centering practice helped me to survive.