The Coordinator’s Guidelines were updated in 2023.  The Society would appreciate any feedback from users of these documents
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Below are the links to the Guidelines and Schedules (click on any of them that are in blue):


Coordinator Guidelines:



A. Suggested Timeline/Checklist

B. Brochure samples

Phase 1 An Introduction

Sample A
Sample B1
Sample B2
Sample C

Phase 2 Healing from the Heart

Sample A
Sample B

Phase 2 Where Two or More Gather

Sample A

C. Participant List (Computer Fill-in)

D. Instructor’s Fees

E. Evaluation Forms for Participants
(some instructors may bring these)

Phase 1 An Introduction

Phase 2 Healing from the Heart

Phase 2 Where Two or More Gather

F. Summary of Evaluations by participants

G. Congregational or Community Evaluation (computer fill-in)
Congregational or Community Evaluation (fill-in by hand)

H. Revenue Fund Policy

I. Optional Budgeting Tool

J. More Ideas For Publicity

K. Sample Letter to Participants


            Poster & Bulletin Cover