These Coordinator’s Guidelines were prepared in 2019, just before the Coronavirus pandemic began.
We don’t believe there need to be any changes made to the Guidelines because of the pandemic but would appreciate
any feedback from users of the documents at [email protected]

Below are the links to the Guidelines and Schedules (click on any of them that are in blue):


Coordinator Guidelines:


A. Suggested Timeline/Checklist

B. Brochure samples

Phase 1 An Introduction

Sample A
Sample B1
Sample B2
Sample C

Phase 2 Healing from the Heart

Sample A
Sample B

Phase 2 Where Two or More Gather

Sample A

C. Participant List (Computer Fill-in)

D. Instructor’s Fees

E. Evaluation Forms for Participants
(some instructors may bring these)

Phase 1 An Introduction

Phase 2 Healing from the Heart

Phase 2 Where Two or More Gather

F. Summary of Evaluations by participants

G. Congregational or Community Evaluation (computer fill-in)
Congregational or Community Evaluation (fill-in by hand)

H. Revenue Fund Policy

I. Optional Budgeting Tool

J. More Ideas For Publicity

K. Sample Letter to Participants


            Poster & Bulletin Cover