Find your quiet space and center yourself as you listen or read the following meditations:

Meditations by Sharon Moon – audio links

Below are four written meditations that can be shared for centering and connection.

Temple of the Spirit from Healing Oasis

Palm of God’s Hand

Song for the Healing Pathway by
Pat Mayberry

Light of Christ

Rochelle Graham developed this meditation, inspired by references in Revelation 22:2, & Genesis 2:9 to the “tree of life”.

General Instructions:
This can be an extremely useful visualization/meditation to help you ground and centre quickly. If the images presented here are not working for you, allow God to present images that may work. The theme is to connect to all sources of Divine energy available through earth and heaven.
This meditation may be done with your eyes open or closed. Make yourself comfortable, feet uncrossed and touching the floor, arms and shoulders relaxed.

Begin by noticing the sensations in your body and especially noting your feet and their connection to the ground.
Become aware of your breath. With each breath in, allow your focus to go deeper into your being. As you breathe out, let go of any distractions.
Invite a tree to come into your mind. It may be a tree you are familiar with; it may be a tree that your mind gives you.
Observe the tree. Notice as many details as you can … its size, whether it is alone or with other trees. Notice the season. Listen to any sounds and smell the air.
Now move closer to the tree until you are close enough to merge with the tree. Either imagine you are the tree or imagine what the tree feels like.
Take your awareness down the inside of the trunk into the roots. Follow the roots into the ground, noticing how deeply they go. Feel the soil. Are there rocks, or sand, or rich fertile humus?
Like the tree, allow all that the earth has to offer you to flow up into the roots. It may be water, minerals, or vital energy from the earth. Allow yourself to be nourished completely and, like the tree, allow the nourishment to flow up the trunk. This is God’s gift from the earth.
With each breath, allow the energy to flow higher and higher up the trunk, filling the branches right to the tips of the tree. Feel all of you being nurtured by the energy of the earth.
From the tips of the branches allow the light of God to flow in, again filling and nourishing the tree. Allow this energy to flow downward this time, right down to the roots. Slowly, as it moves down, feel the tree filling with this light until every fine hair of the roots is also filled.
When you are connected to the Divine above and the earth below, when you are rooted and grounded and connected to the love of God, state your intention within yourself to be an instrument of healing and peace.
Now slowly disconnect from the tree and become aware of your body. Notice how you feel Notice your feet, your arms When you are ready, bring yourself back to the present and look around.

Find a comfortable position allowing your arms to rest gently, your feet are apart and on the floor. Gently close your eyes. Bringing your full attention to this very moment.

Let us become aware of our breathing. Breathe in through your nose deeply………. feel the air as it enters your lungs………. hold it for a moment. And release.

Breathe in again, intentionally, so that the air goes to your stomach, feel your stomach as it expands. Hold it for a moment. And release.

Continue to breathe, being aware of the air going into your body. The breath of life. Just breathe.

Imagine the divine energy in your scalp, the Crown, our connection to Spirituality. Become aware of any sensations in your scalp. You may feel a tingling, or heat or maybe a throbbing, there may be a strong sensation or you may not feel much at all. Simply be in the moment.

Energy flows like a gentle stream, slowly into your brow. The center for our intuition, imagination and wisdom, filling it with light. Feel the tension being released. Imagine the lines in your forehead being smoothed. Relax.

Now feel any sensations in your throat, the center for self expression or our feelings, our truths…..allow your throat, and neck and back to soften. Notice any sensations.

Now bring your attention to your chest, notice your lungs expand and contract. This is the home of your Heart Chakra. As the energy moves down to your heart feel the warm embrace of the Holy One. Love that is unconditional expanding your heart until you are overflowing with love.

Energy continues to flow into the Solar Plexus, where we feel our self-worth, self-confidence and esteem…. Feel held and supported.

Flowing energy moves into the Sacral Chakra, the place of our well being. Be assured that you are in a safe place among friends and that you belong.

And finally this golden healing energy flows into the Root Chakra. The base of our bodies. The foundation of who we are. Where we can feel truly grounded. In this place and at this time.

This energy is with us to allow us to feel the light and love of the Holy One. To carry us through our day. To push aside our fears and to bring light into our darkness.

Be aware of your whole body being filled with healing energy. Each chakra being balanced and refreshed.

Slowly move each finger and toe being aware of this intentional movement. Breath deeply……and slowly bring yourself back to our gathering.

Barb Loynes
Healing Pathway Instructor
Perth, Ontario