What is Energy Healing?

what is energy healing

Energy Healing

The human body is a complete energy system, which thrives when energy flows freely in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy fields. Imbalances or blocks may arise affecting the flow of energy. Energy healing is a practice that supports the alignment, balance, and flow of energy within your body. This allows for the integration of the life force with all aspects of our being. Our intentions support healing sequences offered by oneself and others, allow the body to release held energy, emotions, and thoughts in a safe and gentle way. This results in and fosters an inner experience of calmness and peace.

By practising self-care and using different healing sequences, meditations, and grounding techniques, shifts can occur in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy fields. During a healing session, some of the shifts experienced may include a sense of:

Increased sense of centeredness

Feelings of lightness and/or freedom from burdens



Belief in self



Deeper connection to source

Connection to deeper layers of consciousness

Positive mindset

It appears that we can never know it all. The mystery is infinite. But we can still enjoy engaging with it, even as we trust that we exist within its divine loving heart.

~Wayne Irwin


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