Being and Becoming Healing Presence

October 30, 2022
Connection and deepening are the heart of Healing Pathway Instructors’ Gatherings. Our time together at the beautiful Bethlehem Centre in Nanaimo in October, 2022, even more so after three years apart.

Being and Becoming, our theme for this time, invited us to look at how we are, and how each of us moves even more intentionally toward, being a healing presence. The lovely book, The Art of Being a Healing Presence by James E Miller, offered a starting point for reflecting on our experiences of being and receiving healing presence. We gathered in small groups for deep conversation and reflection. From that emerged our own thoughts about some of what speaks to us about Being a Healing Presence. Each was written by groups of two or three Healing Pathway instructors unless otherwise indicated.

We share them here both as gift and as invitation for you to consider this for yourself.

How does each speak to you, or challenge you, about healing presence? How do the phrases dialogue with each other? What would you offer as words about being a healing presence?

*There is wealth in reflection, which enhances the doing and blesses it with wonder.

*Pain, in the presence of Divine Love, does not need to be fixed by you.
~ Ross White

*As we take footsteps together in the drizzling and misty rain, we proceed toward our miracles.

*In faith and kindness there is a gift.

*Tears are God’s loving gift of healing.

*Healing Presence is Divine Love flowing through and surrounding, always.

*In every person lives the Divine. Hold up a mirror to the Divine and there will be transformation.

*A conscious intention in preparation offers a gift of healing to the other as well as to Self.
~ Judith Ann Donaldson